Welcome to my portfolio!

I’m a technical game designer in my fourth year at the University of Chicago studying computer science and creative writing. You can learn more about me here or look at my game projects below. You can click them for more details. Thank you for visiting!

School’s Out (2021)

  • Point-and-click narrative adventure game reflecting on the nostalgia of school and the passage of time
  • Programmed in the Godot Engine, including over 40 item interactions
  • Worked in a design team of four, primarily on level and mechanics design
  • Accepted into Goethe Institut online Standstill exhibition

Xs Shape-Changing Interface Demo (2023)

  • Research demonstration developed as part of a research assistantship at UChicago’s AxLab
  • Programmed in Unity with the Ardity plugin
  • Developed and maintained Xs hardware to facilitate novel actuated interactions with the demo game
  • Shown at TEI ’23 Conference

Jay’s Drop Machine (2022)

  • Arcade-style block stacking game
  • Programmed in the Godot Engine, including a state machine ensuring blocks behave properly during gameplay
  • Prototyped several versions of the game during the game jam period in an effort to find the most fun version of our concept
  • Worked closely with partner, an artist, on asset specifications to match the desired gameplay

Enough for One (2022)

  • Hidden role tabletop game designed to be played in short bursts
  • Wrote copy for rulebook and cards, ensuring clarity around potentially ambiguous mechanics
  • Created an easily communicated and understood resource gathering mechanic
  • Iterated across multiple formalized playtesting sessions

Geometry Garden Tech Demo (2022)

  • Small demonstration of my capabilities with Unreal Engine
  • Worked with Unreal Engine linetracing and decal systems to create an environment the player can paint
  • Created all 3D models using Blender, building an understanding of Unreal Engine asset pipelines